This is a guest post by Dara Olmsted from Iridescent.

Do you think you can make a mobile app?

Of the eight high schoolers in the class, just the hands of the two boys shot up. They both had experience hacking at home. One had hacked his Nintendo video games, the other had hacked his iPhone. The six other girls? Not one raised their hand. They didn’t feel they had the experience or confidence to imagine that they could program an app. But by the end of Iridescent’s co-ed Explainers as Designers program, the girls had not only created mobile phone apps, but they won the competition to get their apps created professionally.

“I enjoyed the challenge provided by the program because I initially wouldn’t even come near programming applications. Honestly, I wouldn’t have thought of trying to program anything prior to taking part in the Explainers as Designers…

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Week 11 Second Life

  1. What is Second Life?
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  3. Machinima as documentation:

    Simulations: Cultural Spaces

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