Assignment 1: New Media History Essay

Essay : New media history reflections
Due: Week 4,
Dates: Section 02: Wednesday Sept 28 and Section 01:Monday Oct 3

Objective: Playing of the exercise on new media definition we did in class, explore new media history by choosing three artists and/or innovators related to the evolution of new media aesthetics in one specific medium. These artists have to be from a different time and cultural context. Use the Ryerson library to find texts that discuss new media, innovation and art. Use this research to form an argument and use the three artists to demonstrate your point. Use peered reviewed material to fuel your argument.

Write a no more then 2000  words essay that explains your definition of new media and that reflects on how these artists were cultural innovators and that shows how they contributed to the cultural evolution of their time.


  1. Use MLA style format for references.
  2. Post the final essay on your blog.
  3. Tag your essay as mpm17, essay
  4. To make sure I can find it, make sure you leave a message as a comment in this
    page with the proper url…..
  5. Address all the categories of the assignment’s rubric

Evaluation Rubric can be found at:



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