Assignment 3: Network cultures in 2050

Assignment 3: New media cultures in 2050

Due Date: Presentation of project during the last two weeks of classes

Objective: This project is designed to make you practice all the research and production skills you developed and/or enhance this term. Be CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN WITH IT! In groups of five to seven people build an online  narrative on the theme: New media cultures in the year 2050.

Project Requirements:
Make sure you check the evaluation rubric that I will use to mark you.

You will need to post by the date of the showing:

– a URL for the piece or its documentation if it is not web based.

– a URL for the documentation on the project which needs to include:

1) An evaluation of the project

2) A list of group members and list all production activities they performed.

3) A bibliography for your technical research, formatted in essay format (MLA style format)

4) A bibliography for your scholarly-creative research, formatted in essay format ( MLA style format)


18 thoughts on “Assignment 3: Network cultures in 2050

  1. Wednesday section:

    Group 1: Karen Julian, Rae, Arusha, Zoe, Katrina, Jay
    Group 2: The Scoop Chips
    Group 3: Candice, Max, Oliver, Finlay, Parker, Deanna
    Group 4: SIMONE
    Group 5: Group Name: UNREAL– Milton, Michelle, Luke, Sandi, Dan, George

    • Works cited:
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