Exercise 5:html 101

In class 5

In groups of 5 create a multimedia presentation that explains to a newby step by step how to create:

1) a website,
2) an individual page using html 5
3) how to post it on the image arts server?

Server information: (see the new media wiki for information)


Group requirements
–       Use the wiki to gather your data
1) make sure all group members are identified
2) Identify all your sources
–       Create a multimedia presentation of your findings,
– Present it in class during the last hour of class

Individual Requirements:

Each group member must have a webpage created by next class.

The page should include

o   1 paragraph of text introducing you
o   1 image
o   link to another site
o   must validate using w3c validator service
o   Individually

create a post in your blog that:

1) describes what you have learned
2) includes a link to the wiki page used by your group
3) includes a link to your webpage

– Create a reply in exercise 4 that links to your post and includes your name.

Some Hints:

Find answers to the following questions:

– What is a website?
– What is a webpage?
– What coding elements provide a webpage its structure, presentation and behaviour, why is it designed this way?
– How do you write an html tag, why?
– what is the doctype element used for?
– what is an attribute?
– what is a meta tag?
– where do you write text you want to see on  the page?
– What is the h1 tag used for?
– How do you load an image on the page?
– what is ftp and how do you use it?
– what is http and how does it work?
– what is a server, a web server?
– what is a url and how does it work?
– How do you create a link (hint)

Some Resources:



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