Exercise 4: Web 2.0 Digital Footprint

Web 2.0 Digital Identity                                                                                          

Evaluate your current digital footprint. Is your identity passive or do you already manipulate how Google, yahoo or “deep Web” search engine sites such as Pipl, 123people, Peoplefinders, PeekYou, Spokeo, Wink, and ZabaSearchshow about you. As new media practitioners, you are going to have to create and manage a professional digital identity and make sure it represents you well.

Part 1 (groups of two): Give your partner a name to search you on google

Answer the following  questions for your partner:

1) what does your partner current digital footprint says about him/her, does it say anything about their new media creative abilities or interests?

2) Do you think an  employer or teacher should be able to see that?

3) Where is the information coming from?  A blog, a website, Facebook, etc.

Part 2: In Groups of four

Research how to establish your digital footprint using web 2.0 technologies (facebook, wordpress, flickr, youtube and others) and how to create a data trail that can be searched and found via specific keywords.

Discuss what strategy would best serve the purpose of creating a digital identity that serves to inform teachers and potential employers of who you are as a new media creative professional.

write up your answers in the wiki. Site all sources using MLA styles.

Make sure that you figure out how to make your wordpress blog shows up as one of the 1st results in search engines.


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