Assignment 2: Image Arts Website and Blog

Website : worth 15%, Blog: worth 15%
Due Dates: Section 02: Wednesday Oct 26 Nov 16th and Section 01:Monday Nov 7. Nov 21st

Your website must be accessible at:

Objective: Create a Ryerson website that will serve as your professional portfolio. The site is to be used to give faculty and students a sense of your creative identity.  Faculty will expect you to post documentation on all creative projects in this website during your four years with us. Please utilize the rubric below as a guideline to properly create their site.

Make sure I can find your site easily! Enter the url of the site  as a comment in this page.

Web Site Requirements: See the rubric for the requirements

In parallel to this website, you are also to create a blog using wordpress.  This blog is to be a place to be used as a creative and research journal. Use it to post reflections and ideas. Both blog and website have to be linked to each others.

Blog Requirements

The blog is to be your research online journal and scrap book.

  • (10 points) The blog must include post required for all mpm17 assignments  and exercises but can include other material
  • (2.5 points)  Have proper categories so that all material is easily accessible
  • (2.5 points) been found from a Google search.

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