Assignment Descriptions and Grade Breakdown:

1) Formal Essay posted on Blog New Media Artists Research (MLA formatting and writing style) 20%
Playing of the exercise on new media definition we did in class, explore new media history by choosing three artists related to the evolution of aesthetics and of one specific medium. These artists have to be from a different time and cultural context. Write a 5 pages essay that explains your definition of new media and that reflects on how these artists were cultural innovators and that shows how they contributed to the cultural evolution of their time.

Due week 4, see details at:

2) Creative Web professional identity/ Creative website 30%

Create a Ryerson website that will serve as your professional portfolio. The site is to be used to give faculty and students a sense of your creative identity.  Faculty will expect you to post documentation on all creative projects in this website during your four years with us.  The site is to be developed using css and html5 only. In parallel create a blog using WordPress that you will use as a creative and research journal. Both sites have to be linked to each other. A peer will evaluate the site and provide you with feedback.

Due week 8, see details at:

3) (group) New Media in 2050 30%
In groups of no more than four build an online gaming narrative on the theme: New media  cultures in the year 2050.

Due week 12. See details at:

4) In Class Tech Research (pass/fail) 20%

On going

During the first class create research groups of no more than four students.

As a group of four students, answer the question assigned to you.

1)     Create a multimedia presentation that presents your research and helps other students understand the concepts you are dealing with.

2)     For all questions provide examples to illustrates your points

3)     Present your findings in class.

4)     Post your presentation in the class blog.

5)     Create an entry that includes the week, your section, group number and lists all group members who participated as well as the role each one undertook.

6)     Sites all your sources and include at least 3 different sources.


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